Dynope C58 Console Recovery

Engineers report Q2 2023 confirms damage from unknown sources have embued the Altair 9000 Console with eerie powers.

Dynope Engineering

5/16/20231 min read

The Altair 9000 Console edge, showing DSKY keyboard
The Altair 9000 Console edge, showing DSKY keyboard

The Dynope Astroarchaeological Unit has identified two remote locations where the C58 has appeared annually. The standing thesis is that while tearing through the fabric of spacetime, the vessel blinks through many eras and locations programmed into its navigation system.

For some time, the C58 was housed in and supported by a laboratory at Black Rock, Nevada, U.S.A. where the designers collaborated with Professor Rudolph Popkiss and Doctor Horatio Beaker to develop an interstellar version of their "Clear-Vu" technology, first deployed in the multi-environment craft Supercar.

It is unclear why the vessel is drawn to central California in early May, but Dynope sent engineers to assist in a recovery and repair mission.

The team collected invaluable data and was able to restore a key component - the Altair 9000 control panel.